Wednesday, December 17, 2003

You wouldn't think that buying grapefruit and renting a movie would take over an hour. jeesh. so first i clean off my car, there is something exhilarating about swiping snow off windshield pathetically enough. then i get in the car, put Oliver in 4 wheel drive, and brrrrrum we're over the snow bank (a snow bank we had to get over, i didn't crash my car) and cruisin' down the road. I go get grapefruit, they won't take my check, why? because they're weird. i finally leave, grapefruit in hand, and trot over to the movie gallery where i ask if they have the birdcage on dvd. they do! (yay!). i rent it, it takes another year and a half for them to reregister me in this branch of the movie gallery. finally i go back to gorse, park my car, and am walking out of the parking lot. There is a car waiting to turn out of the parking lot into the road. the girl in the passenger side, looks into the side mirror, and spits at me as i walk by. spits at me! i never saw her before in my life. i felt violated, hurt, ambushed, confused. thinking quickly, i drop both the bags i am carrying (full of grapefruit. shut up i eat a lot of grapefruit) and before they start rolling away i bombard their car. the grapefruit make a satisfying SMACK as they splatter against the rearwindow. the car speeds away, squeling.
ok, so everything through the girl spitting at me is true. i didnt actually throw any grapefruit (because i just paid for them)...

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