Sunday, December 12, 2004

Move on over Carrie Bradshaw, I have the winning the ticket. Post-it notes so the break up tool of yesterday. Why bother when the facebook is at one's disposal?

Stress: lots of it.
Sleep: not enough of it.
Quality time with Muffin: Not enough, only because we aren't going to see each other for over a month!!!! bah!!!
Happy thoughts: running on empty
advent calender door for december 11: A castle.
Number of times i heard "All i want for christmas is you" between 1-3 am: 23
Most exciting thing about today: i will either be the proud owner of a UMass sweatshirt. or i will be in the "proud to have seen" Ocean's 12 fan club.
all these prouds leave me with a quote, "But i would be proud to partake in your pecan pieee"
back to work i go. please leave some love, some happy thoughts, funny stories, anything that will make me smile.

*Edited 11 October 2008

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