Saturday, January 15, 2005

I might be an okay "Susie-homemaker" as Emma calls it. I can cook dinner, i can take care of a baby, i can clean, but my vision of "ms susie-homemaker" always includes that faceless guy who is helping chop carrots in the kitchen for salad, or taking care of the baby i dont know if i want while i go out skiing. And then i come home and we drink hot chocolate, curled up in blankets while we read our respective books and then make dinner together. dinner interrupted by spontaneous bouts of ruckus dancing and then get ready for the next day where maybe we will ski together-or maybe go to jobs we love or riding or sailing or gardening or mucking stalls. He'll be patient with my "Paulette-ness". "I'm uneasy with starting a cheese" "I dont know, i am just uncomfortable with that". He'll be a better skier than i, but he'll be considerate enough to make me want to get better and push me to get better, but gently. He'll wear cords and flannel shirts on days he doesnt have to work or maybe he'll wear them TO WORK, but he'll know how to dress up if need be. He won't wear too much cologne-or maybe none at all. He'll be able to teach me how to fix my car, He'll play ping pong and sing goofy songs. He'll chair dance--and not be afraid to make fun of himself. He'll be confident enough in who he is-to make me confident in me. he'll sing "I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when its hot" at the top of his lungs on the beach. and play frisbee. and wear stripes He'll rub my back when i have the stomache flu and bring me crushed ice. He'll know all the scars on my body-the one on my left foot middle toe-and he'll know how i got it. I'll make him smile. He'll be...he must be. somewhere.

*Edited 11/4/07

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