Friday, February 09, 2007

What a day

I am sitting in Janice's house which for somereason seems more like home to me than the apartment i've been leaving in for 4 months. Arnie is curled up in my computer case looking at me like "woman, puh-leeze stop that racket with the keys...a man's trying to get his afternoon nap in, jeesh." This morning started off fantastically and i really mean that despite all the whining i am about to embark on. I wouldn't change it for anything :) Oscar woke me up at five am by brushing my hair with his claws, headbutting me, and perhaps my favorite technique the "curl up on my face so i breathe in a lot of white fur." A classic to be sure. After i got up and walked over to campus, i went to the lounge and got judged by a staff member of the physics department because i *gasp* am not going to study physics for the rest of my life. i did not waste my education which i could see it in nameless staff memeber's eyes that's what he was thinking! Then i went to Rao's for a chai. As i hand of my one card i say "this might not have enough money on it" the barista nods and says "only 44 cents." As i am reaching into my bag to pull out my wallet this guy says "here i've got it"...WHAT! "No, you don't have to do that, i have my wallet right here" i say. "no i've got it" and he pulls out a gift certificate (who knew they even existed for rao's...had i known that that's what I would have gotten Muffin for EVERY holiday EVER!). it was like my own romantic comedy moment, except he wasn't that good looking and i was wearing burnt orange. that's about all the excitement in my life. a random boy bought me chai :).