Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Fanz

So there is a guy who works at the Liquor Business, The Fanz (you know, like Hans?). He's pretty cute; but like most liquor business employees he smokes - which is gross.
Anyway, the other day we were working together and i was complaining about how when my shifts end at the end of November I won't be able to go to free movies any more! Free tickets to the movies is clearly the biggest Liquor Business bonus for me.

The Fanz: Oh, well, what if i just go to the movies and you come with me?

*Ding DIng DIng! did he just ask me out!!!*

Moi: Um, That sounds like a great plan!

4 seconds later

The Fanz: My girlfriend and i are driving home for christmas...

I don't know how to play this game!

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