Thursday, November 08, 2007

How Do I Keep You Reading?

As NaBloPoMo [which i really didn't want to mention at during the month...] goes on, i see (via my hit counter) that new people are visiting Decoybetty (hi new people!). But they never come back. How do i get you to stay?

I've been kind of dancing back and forth between self doubt (of course i have nothing interesting to say! why does anyone read this at all?) and if not self confidence at least self worth (okay, so my life is pretty boring, but occasionally i throw words together in a compelling way!). I guess it all comes down to the fact that although i'll share many aspects of my life with the few that read this (albeit the most awkward parts of my life) there is a lot i won't share. And i am beginning to wonder if that is one of the problems?

My family doesn't know about my blog (so no squealing and telling them!) and its not that they wouldn't approve of it; it is just that i am extremely private person when it comes to telling my parents - um anything. For example i have never told them i have dated anybody. Although they are quite smart people and can add 2 to 3 and get 5; so they have deduced that Mike and I were at least more than friends. Likewise being the brilliant human beings that they are; they also figured out that Jon and I were something (which is more than i ever figured go them!). But the metropean - they never heard of him at all. And although i tried to explain to them how depressed i was last year, i don't think they ever really understood how bad it got. how bad i got - and that isn't because they had a lapse in their brilliance its because i've never bothered to tell them. i told them i was sad and having a hard time. However that doesn't quite explain sitting in front of the tv and crying over the "who does depression hurt" commercials now does it!

Apparently i have no qualms in telling the internet.

So i am going to add a poll -- tell me why you come back and check on the Decoybetty (you can vote on more than one category and more than once!!)!

So i realize that since i am supposed to be posting everyday for month [two references in one post - bad DB] i should perhaps ration what i write in each post - because lets face it, i am boring. But my sister-in-law just sent me this picture:

This is Weebbet! Could he be any cuter!? I just want to squeeze him!

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