Monday, November 12, 2007

Life List

a while ago Ellen Degeneres was super into the "life list" and what Ellen says, i do.
So here it is!
Life List:
-fall in love
-go to vietnam
-grad school
-own a black lab/aussie mutt
-be in a movie.
-own a farm
-get a six pack
-make a movie
-take ballroom dance lessons
-cook a gourmet gluten free meal
-own a backless shirt
-write a memoir
-ski the northface without fear
-protest something
-be more flexible (hah physically AND mentally)
-to wear stilletos.
-swim with a horse
-hold a koala bear
-spread universal sign for ovaries around world.
-learn to really swim
-learn to make puff pastry
-own a bookstore/cafe
-drive a motorboat.
-sail everywhere
-gondola ride with a lover
-get a hickey (& not from the phantom)...
-Meet John Cusack
-Dance in a big performance
-drive across country
-take a train around australia
-have a bonfire on the beach
-to say "i love you" without fear and/or embarressment
-go out to dinner by myself.
-say things like "don't be common" and "gee that's swell"
-discover/invent something
-start practicing yoga on my own.
-give more to charities/foundations.
-be out doors more.
-write poetry, short stories
-live in the most sustainable way i can.
-visit all the continents.
-garden more.
-live in a dome
-knit a cardigan by myself
-road trip up the coast of california
-pick blueberries in maine
-go to temple
-Dance a little bit every day.
-Plant trees native to where they're being planted.
-black cocktail dress+night on the town.
-host a "who's line is it anyway" party.

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