Friday, November 16, 2007

Low-Carb Diet Sass: A memoir by Decoybetty

My childhood was just like yours. It started, just like yours did, with a rushed trip to the hospital. It was a caravan of cars and a microcosm of people: My dad, two midwives, my brothers, my grandmother, and a mid-wife's daughter. In those days, my mom drove a white subaru. I am going to use some artistic license, because my memories of this day are fuzzy; but i imagine the midwives screamed for my father to pull over. With no exit in sight, my dad swerved into a No U-turn opened the trunk of the car where my mom was giving birth. A horseshoe of spectators surrounded the subaru; my mother's bare ass slightly hidden from view of north bound traffic. And right there in Small Town Vermont i entered the world.

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