Friday, November 02, 2007

Ms. Holly Golightly

yesterday, i went trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew. Asher was a clown - an adorable one at that. Alex was a cow. Which is only silly because Asher will be the first to tell you that he "doesn't like cows".

Could they be cuter?

After i went trick-or-treating i drove up the mountain to Morgan's house to get ready to hit the town. I was Audrey Hepburn and my sister-in-law was marilyn monroe. Unfortunately, yet totally not a surprise to anyone i am sure, i took zero pictures (sorry Muffin!). I was getting all ready too, but then SIL didn't want anything to do with before and after shots. and i lost interest. But it should suffice to say that only about 2 people recognized me as Audrey - the other guesses we're a princess (okay, whose a princess for All Hallows Eve? lame), or a girl going to prom!


  1. so you need to get your costume on and take pictures because i need some cheering up after a bad week of test, please

  2. Aww, well even without pictures as proof, I'm sure you were a fabulous Audrey.