Monday, November 19, 2007

"Murderer of Love"

i was all set to post pictures of this fantastic hair day i had yesterday and the day before - but alas in one of the pictures i look like a chipmunk and the other one you can't see my hair! so you'll just have to wait for photos of my hair looking foxy.

last night i went to the movies i saw Dan in Real Life (which i think is the worst title ever because i can't remember it to save my life. or Dan's. I am all "In the Life of Dan" or "In the Real Life of Dan" "Dan's Real Life" "Dan: The Real Life"). I went in with LOW EXPECTATIONS. Real low. I hated "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and all its stupid comedy comrades; but when the movies are free - you go! And while it certainly wasn't the best movie i've ever seen (um, in my opinion, it could never beat High Fidelity i am sorry!). It wasn't the worst i've ever seen either (The Torch Trilogy...wins EVERY time). Anyway, I think i don't like these movies because i can't laugh at other people's embarrassment. It occurred to me that maybe this means i can't laugh at myself either - but if you've ever seen me play tennis, you'll know i can laugh at myself. While my tolerance for at least scenes in these comedies are growing(the awkward singing scene in Superbad is dinner! - as is the one in Dan), I still don't totally get it.

People always ask me if i don't find "Old School" funny, what movies do make me here they are -

Top Five Desert Island Favorite Comedies:
(5) The Importance of Being Earnest
(4) Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy
(3) The Birdcage
(2) Blazing Saddles
(1) My Cousin Vinny


  1. You know what i want on a desert island.... Colin Firth from The Importance of Being Ernest:)

  2. do you want him as Earnest? or as john/jack?