Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Nomadic Life

Last night, i started my new house sitting gig. I am staying at New Person's house with the fatest cat you've ever ever seen. sadly, the New Person isvhaving her floors re-sealed (or something), and so when i moved in
last night it smelled so toxic, i went up stairs to the bedroom only
to find that the door was OPEN. WIDE OPEN. i was like shit guys! so i
shut the door and it's all of like 3 degrees in the bedroom. I curl
under the covers and start to read. in about 10 minutes someone OPENS
THE DOOR and comes in shouting "Lily! oh Lily!"

"Uh, hello?" say I in my floral flannel pajama pants.

"Oh, i'll come up the other way" Says mysterious woman. So she climbs
up the back stairs to the bedroom (which are the outside, this house
is confusing and has ZERO INTERIOR DOORS). and is all "i'm Kate, and i
came in early and opened all the windows and doors so the kitty
wouldn't die of the toxins"


"it sure smells in here are you going ot be okay, do you want to
relocate with kitty and come stay with me, no? well let me plastic all
this stuff up okay so we can try and minimize the smell" on and on and
on she went. She finally left, and i kept all the windows open because
i was beginning to feel a little light headed. and then i went to
sleep at 8:30. It's hard to believe that my life is this exciting.
but it really is.

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