Friday, November 09, 2007

Oh! The Tears!

Dear Frustration,

Hi! It's moi! you're dear friend Decoybetty. I like how you grate down my capacity to be a logical rational person and make into someone who cries IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS. Yes, my darling frustration you wrinkle your nose at planning events in a organized fashion! That you do! You devise roadblocks and speed bumps that not only slow me down but in fact totally stop my efforts. You render me incapable of talking to my family in a way that makes sense!

Oh dear frustration, why must i have spent 3 months planning an event that no one is ready for and no one wants? That'd be like a bridesmaid planning the entire wedding for two people who have never met! Do we think this wedding is going to happen? No. No my darling frustration; no it won't. My love, why must i squander my time and energy on something that isn't going to happen?



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