Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The only way i think i could post every day normally is if my life were fantastically busy and i could tell you great stories about what's happening in my day to day life. here's the problem, i am a social hermit who works a lot and plays with babies. Which doesn't leave a lot of great stories, trust me!

For example,

Yesterday i went to a coffee shop where SIL, Meg, works as a barista. No one ever comes into the shop though, so instead we started making alphabet cards for Asher for Chanukah. Then after trying on a hat with ears, we sat in a crowded bus to go up the mountain. Where i started knitting a hat. We played scrabble, i won after no one challenged my word "Pagent" who knew pageant had an "a"? but really i lost, because i am dumb.

The End.

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