Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Smell of Despair

Today my brother dropped me off at work, It's snowing. Its pretty out. and i just spent the morning cuddling with Alex - who is more cute than puppies. As i walked to the door of my office building, and turned the key; i had this gigantic urge to punch something. I am a non-violent kind of person. I wanted to open the door and start swearing and screaming. I wanted to cause a scene. I wanted someone to know how TERRIBLE this job is. unfortunately, no one can hear me. I wish i was the type of person who can just shout "FUCK YOU I QUIT." But i am not that person, so instead i am sitting at my desk - silently cursing the day i got this job.

Last night i worked with the love of my life at the liquor business. He is tall, lanky, reddish brown hair, big eyes, freckles, big feet. His name is Dozer - he's a saint bernard and it is LOVE. True Love.

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