Saturday, November 10, 2007

Theory: Being Early

I have this theory that if i am early to things, they'll be over sooner. So this is particularly pertinent when it comes to things like going to work at jobs i dislike, doctors appointments, applying for visas, waiting for planes to take off, or writing papers for classes. With somethings this "being early is best attitude" is actually useful, like writing papers for class. I never wait to the last minute because it stresses me out so much that i actually end up with writer's block/sleepiness/fear of failing and i won't write anything at all. However, when it comes to stuff like being super early for work, not so useful. If you show up to work an half hour early; its not that you get to leave an half hour early, in fact you have to stay LONGER. I just don't understand this and i frequently am super early to all kinds of unpleasant things.

For instance, today i have to go to the hospital to get a chest x-ray. i am, understandably - i think, not to excited about going. The chest x-ray is to determine that i don't have TB. Which i think is totally stupid, remember the pin prick test they used to do? a circle shows up on your arm = TB? Well, even though that test (i don't want to say never...but its close!) RARELY shows a false negative it apparently isn't a good enough indicator to the Australian Embassy. And although i don't even have an appointment (they told me not to get one) i feel like the earlier i get this done the faster the paperwork will be completed and the sooner i'll actually be standing in Melbourne. But let's be honest, getting this x-ray today, doesn't make time move more quickly, or this bureaucratic, red-taped mess move any more smoothly. I am not going to get this x-ray and land in australia tomorrow!

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