Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weebbet I Don't Think I'm at MoHo Anymore

Let's take a moment to remember where i was at this time last year...

Ah, Yes. I was driving back from Boston on the day after thanksgiving in my trusty - oh so trusty - steed, Oliver. You can read about that tragic journey Here.

This year, i played catch with Asher; Made gluten-free lemon merengue pie AND pumpkin pie; watched as 3 panicked cooks put out a fire caused by sugar in the oven; discussed porn and how most people in this town need their name prefaced with "drunk" to become Drunk Ricardo por ejemplo. And now, the day after, it is snowing! Lots and lots of snow! Which is good, because sunday begins free ski at the mountain - and i am planning on skiing a lot FOR FREE.

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