Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Yogini's Blues

I have gone from taking yoga every day to going once a week and hating it. I hate my new yoga teacher. i hate her teachings style. I think she has her yoga priorities all wrong. I mean ALL wrong. I feel rushed in her class, like what i am doing is far more important then how i am doing it and i thought everyone knows that its 'the how' in yoga that matters. I miss Erin and the yoga she taught.

I guess the thing is that yoga has always been like going to therapy. I get to have my own personal space where i get to work through my shit for an hour and a half. I can take my time, its my own time, and its understood that how i approach a posture one day will be different from the next. I always left yoga with a sense of well being, heightened self-confidence, and usually sore from attempting to put both my feet behind my head. But the yoga class i am taking here is rushed, its not my space i am working in, how my body feels today doesn't seem to matter to the Teacher. It's like a continuation of my "fast paced" life where even in yoga class i can't seem to slow it down. If i can't slow life down in yoga; where can i?

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