Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Game

I have spent the last couple of weeks talking with friends and family about The Game. The Dating Game. And i'm pretty sure that i've made it obvious on this personal website that i do not understand said game. At all. I think there are rules; but as far as i can tell no one knows for sure. TV shows are based on the average persons' inability to understand the rules. Books are written about it! but still no one has come up with anything conclusive - except for the very simple line "he's just not into you". Until now.


There you go boys and girls. That's the only advice i have...Well, that and be careful when taking off your shoes - you never know what OTHER clothing that little pair of maryjanes will inspire to disrobe.

now on a more personal note; Monday was my last day at the liquor business; and i am not going to lie, i am a little heartbroken about it. Who would have thought that non-drinker Lily would enjoy the Liquor Business as much as i did? As i was mopping at the end of the night, i was feel a bit nostalgic and i remembered how my hands shook the first times i mopped. And how i broke a bottle of red wine my first week. How i am cheating on Oota with a new furry love - a Saint Bernard. And how his owner may or may not have asked me out on a skiing date. Skiing dates are tricky for me to deal with - firstly that involves USING THE PHONE. and we don't do that here at camp Decoybetty. Secondly, that involves skiing and as Jon once so eloquently put it i'm "slow" which is true! i can't fault the man for being honest. And i don't want to be embarrassed by not so good skiing prowess. Furthermore, how do i even know its a date? maybe he just asked to be nice!? maybe he was just being friendly - and couldn't care less whether i called or not!!

I spent all last week telling Bobo not to fret! But it is so much easier to give advice when you're not the one with The..The what? The Friendly Guy? The Boy? The Bearded Man? The Man-Whose-Dog-I-Love?,,, on the other end of the line!


  1. so there's a chance that i could see said boy on sat... due to the fact that my friend is having a party... get ready for an awkward story.

  2. I was born ready - i might have to go visit Man-Whose-Dog-I-Love tomorrow. just to visit the dog...

  3. You know, you DID take off your shoes ...