Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rumor of Dancing = false

Yesterday after work, I took the bus up to Morgan's where i hung out for a while. Meg and i discussed our plans for the evening which involved me taking her out to the movies and dinner and for her birthday; followed by dancing. The movie was at 6:45 but it'd been snowing all day and the roads were slick slick slick. So, I was going to leave at about 6:20. I started the car at 6:15, let it get warmed up thought I! Came back inside and applied make up - badly (eye liner, i missed my lash line completely to give myself a shiner on my left eye! foxy!). Anyhoo, i went back out to the car to leave, brushed it off. Got in, and turned on the wind shield wipers. Alas, there was no wiping! I came running inside to ask Caleb to come help me. Caleb comes out - gets into the passenger side and says, "where's the light." I point to it. Before i know Caleb pushes the wrong button and my sun roof is opening up and 8 inches of snow is cascading down into my car. CASCADING. it covers caleb! my seat! the back seat! the cup holders! SNOW IN MY CAR.

So ten minutes later i'm frantically trying to clean out my car, freaking out about being late - i hit my wipers and they magically start wiping. Caleb claims to have fixed them - i am not convinced. i drive down the mountain.

Meg and i decided to go see Enchanted, which got better reviews than anyone expected. And i am not going to lie, we laughed through the WHOLE thing, i am not sure if it was from embarrassment or what! But we couldn't control ourselves, oh the giddiness.

No dancing ensued. but there are new rumors that salsa might happen on wednesday.

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