Saturday, December 08, 2007

These Pants? Oh, These Are My Grumpy Pants.

It is puking out. There is no other way to describe what the sky is doing right now. Snowing. Snowing A Lot. 2 feet last night. and no end in sight. And i should be happy about it. I've gone skiing twice now - neither time with Man-Whose-Dog-I-Love - and its been fun. But i am just grumpy; i don't want to go skiing, i don't want to talk to people...I think i am homesick. I want to be home lying on my rug with Oota. I want to have my own room - with dresser drawers. I want to drink hot chocolate with Bobo and watch bad movies. I want to go horsebackriding in the snow with Mel. I am scared that this snow will make my parents plane not land tomorrow and that i'll have to stay here longer. I can't stay here longer. I need to go home. I am trying to be grateful for the snow, the winter wonderland.

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