Monday, December 31, 2007

Things That Won't Fit in My Suitcase

I am beginning the packing process; which involves piles of clothes and objects that i slowly sift through until i find a minimal number of things to take with me. I believe in The Rule of Fives; five t-shirts, five pairs of pants. Five. However, as i look around my room i think about the things that i can't take with me.

Like this photograph. I am four. Taking my dance recital way to seriously, per usual, you'd think i was performing for the American Ballet.

These are the shelves next to my bed. Photographs of good friends, good books, and favorite stuffed animals. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Little Lord Fauntleroy. Little Women. A penguin!

A t-shirt that i've had since i was 7. My grandma gave it to me after she went to Alaska. It's probably the last thing she's ever given me. I used to wear it with these green and pink nylon shorts everyday. A Uniform. A fashion fox. I still wear the shirt. But it isn't exactly presentable for public use; it's see through and holey.

Another book shelf, filled with more favorites like The Golden Compass and Pride and Prejudice. And next to it you say? what is that? That my friends is the pile of clothes that i am making my way through. Do i bring my Elvis Shirt because its soft and well-worn? or do i bring my shirt with a flying cow because its hip and cute? And if you look closely, yeah, I can't bring Einstein with me either. i am sorry for the fuzzy quality of the photograph - the light was bad.

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