Saturday, December 22, 2007

Uh Oh - is that my womb aching?

I have been loud and obnoxious when it comes to feelings on having children. I don't want them. If my reproductive system only works to expel the unused eggs then All The Better. But I miss Weebbet (pronounced Wee Bit. As in he's a Wee bit cranky). I miss those wrist folds, and the unexpected way he'd giggle at you when you and he found a new inside joke. Jokes that usually involved nearly dropping him on his head but catching him just in time, or munching on his toes. Or kissing his stomach. Or Boinking his nose (um, that'd be saying Boink while touching his nose...). I truly believe that if people worked as hard at making each other laugh as they do trying to make a baby laugh - the world would be a better place. Can you imagine if you first met someone and your first reaction was to lift up their shirt and blow air onto their stomach? Or to grab their arms and lift them above their head to ask "how big is lily, she's SOOOOOOOOOO big."

Anyway, i am finally Home. And it is beautiful. I haven't been outside since getting home - because i have been sick. Oh so sick. Since last wednesday - while we were still in colorado, i got The Fever. followed by laryngitis, followed by a snot situation that probably should have gone unmentioned. We started driving home on sunday, and arrived home in NH on tuesday night.

I am starting to feel better - but have yet to charge my cell phone, because i still sound like man and i cannot bear to call anyone sounding quite so manly.


  1. Haha, no you can't get baby fever and leave me alone as the only person i know who doesn't want kids. Also, you need to get better so we can hang out. I know I'm pretty demanding today, but i haven't left Lancaster (or even really the house) since i got home and i think it's making me go crazy.

  2. I am still on the boat without babies - don't you fret none...and maybe as soon as tomorrow i'll be jonesing to get out of the house too. just excuse my man-voice and my cough...