Friday, January 25, 2008

Gluten-Free Vegetarian Seeks Same

I am apartment hunting. And it SUCKS. Previously in my apartment hunting experience, i was either hunting with a roommate in which case only the apartment mattered OR i knew i could afford the place without finding a roommate so if i didn't find my soul (room)mate it didn't matter. But now, I am looking for not only the perfect apartment, in the perfect location, in my price range, but the perfect place must have the roommate also. And let me tell you it sucks. I've written about a hundred (+20) paragraphs about myself to try and get people to write me back and tell me that we should live together. Trying to sound as normal as possible. But the truth is, we're all crazy. And Moses, I am alright with saying so, I'm slightly neurotic. It's true! And maybe i am really hard to live with. Who knows - but i like to think i respect my roommates. And maybe muffin will disagree - maybe she'll e-mail me later and say "you were the worst roommate ever."

But how do you describe yourself in 4 sentences?
I started using euphemisms like "I'm quiet" means "i am a morning person and go to bed early."
But what do things like "easy going" and "clean" mean? Compared to someone who suffers from OCD; I am very easy going. Compared to a couch potato, i am not. if clean means that there aren't cashews stomped into the floor and food lying in bed, the toilet hasn't been cleaned for 3 months - then i am a bit anal. If clean means that there is not a spot of clutter any where in the house then i am a total slob.

The truth is I guess i am the worst kind of maintenance I think I am low maintenance but really - i am high maintenance. I not only order my food with the sauces on the side; but i change the whole entire dish keeping only one or two elements that could be as small as the garlic or as the broccoli.

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