Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hi Jetlag, It's Me.

I arrived yesterday in lovely sunny Australia. My flight, a blistering nearly 16 hours of non-stop fun, was actually pretty painless. After being exhausted from playing with my cousins in LA, and the stress about leaving. I fell asleep immediately on the plane - well, that my friends, is actually a lie. The couple behind me got in a ferocious fight about 2 seconds after boarding. Something about a horrible, stupid, doctor husband who forgot to pack wifey's prescription in her carry on bag; sobbing, clearly, ensued. Along with numerous calls to flight attendents demanding that they explain every bump, captain remark, and creak that the plane made. So in reality, AFTER the sobbing is when i fell asleep. I slept for 8 hours. woke up with extreme excitement shouting "ARE WE THERE YET" - okay fine you win, i looked on the map that shows our progress across the pacific - only to discover that not only were we not there yet, but had 8 hours left to go. So I watched "Darjeeling Limited" (finally, and it was good!) and promptly after that "Across the Universe" (which was...not good). Feeling a little drowsy, i curled up for another cat nap only to wake up 45 minutes later with 3 hours left to go! So i watched "Superbad" (again, awkward singing still hilarious). Then it was all over, the plane ride finished, my feet on the ground again! Through customs i went; and once on the other side I immediately saw Jessie! yay - Australian friends.

Today, i am going to commence - mission: cellphone; mission: bank account; and mission: botanical gardens.


  1. oh lil, i'm so glad your flight went well (in my terms well means no puking all over the place)! I checked your site 3 times today, i've been getting pretty excited about your australia adventure! you're staying in melbourne, right? my friends spent new years eve there and just loved the city!
    hope you get settled in well, where are you staying?
    take care, lisa

  2. Ahh - i have never puked on the plane (knock on wood), so i have slightly higher standards :-)

    i am in melbourne, it is amazing. At the moment i am staying with my friend jessie - and i am in the process of finding a place to live...scary!