Friday, January 04, 2008

Old Years

I celebrated this New Year by watching When Harry Met Sally with my mom and going to bed at 10. This is how I've celebrated most years. I have probably only stayed up until midnight five times.

Top Five New Years I've Hung in There Until, Well, The New Year.

(5) 2004 to 2005. I stayed up and chatted with friends on IM until midnight where i went to bed.

(4) 1999 to 2000. I was home with my dad, and I stayed up to see what all the fuss was about. Would The World End? No. We didn't do anything celebratory, we just sat and watched TV.

(3) 2006 to 2007. I was in India. I was celebrating with Rhea's family. There was dancing and chinese food. I was tired and jet lagged, but danced on with Rhea and her cousins as we boogied down to a mix of songs that Rhea and I had spent hours organizing. A confrontation of western hip hop and Indian pop music. I was exhausted and scared, and felt out of my element which i was sure that's how i would feel for the rest of 2007. I was certain i would be in Vietnam in 2007 teaching children.

(2) 2003 to 2004. Bobo and I went to Jon's house for New Years. We still talk fondly about that night. We almost didn't go. We left my house purposefully late (which killed me) in an attempt to "get them back" for standing us up one evening. As we turned on to Jon's road, we both got so nervous that i nearly turned around with Bobo saying "why are you nervous you KNOW THESE PEOPLE." And once we got there we laughed in the New Year, we couldn't stop giggling over the poor AGDD who did not help their cause by exclaiming the following statements "He grabbed my titty" and "that's feminine warfare." Which probably doesn't make any sense but trust me when two guys start going after each other with hand cuffs screeching like little girls its AGDD territory. We left Jon's late that night and went home giddy and starving, thus we ate bagels. It was that night that i got a first inkling of chemistry with Jon. It brought me hope that 2004 would be one of excitement, of boys, of maturity. HAH!

(1) 2002 to 2003. I had flown to Germany to visit Lisa. We went to this mansion of a house with 3 of Lisa's friends. As we entered the door somebody thrust a platter filled with cups of Jello. I thought to myself, "self, at what kind of party do teenagers serve little individualized portions of Jello?" and as i reached to grab one Lisa whispered in my ear "You don't want one of those...those have alcohol in them." Jello and alcohol! What crazy things are these German Teenagers going to think of next. It would be later in my life when i realized that it wasn't just those crazy germans who discovered jello shots. I'd like to mention here that at this time i was a senior in high school! Anyway, we danced. it was so much fun! I remember being really intimidated and scared by all the people, desperately worried that i was going to lose Lisa and be left alone at this party unable to communicate with anyone (my german consists of about 4 of them being 'shit'). I didn't let The Intimidation Factor ruin my evening, no siree bob.

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  1. that night was SO MUCH FUN!!! you forgot to mention, that we stumbled home dead tired at about 6am and my neighbours party was still going full load with the house looking pretty ugly messy..haha, glad we weren't there!
    by the way i was very happy to see a picture of you and me on your bookshelf! i still have the one you gave me on mine too!
    love, Lisa