Saturday, January 05, 2008

Super Self

I don't really believe in New Year's Resolutions; the truth is I'd probably promptly forget what I'd resolved to do. OR I'd be a maniac about it, obsessively trying to change who I am and what I do on the outside while everything on the inside stayed reluctantly and embarrassingly the same. However, I am about to embark on to The Big Journey. And I am ready to set some goals for this adventure.

I want to be my Super Self when I am in Australia. And I am not exactly sure how to describe that self, but it is going to be the me that has these priorities in mind:

(1) School/Career. Baby, I am going to study hard. Those books? Read 'em. Those essays? Written, spell checked, and looking foxy! That exam? Studied for it, prepared, you just watch me critically think!

(2) Love. I read an article today about peoples priorities and love (it was on the Yahoo! web page and thus must be considered as fact). It said that most people who need a job spend hours searching the web and networking until they found the job that they wanted. However, the article pointed out that almost no one spends that much time on their love life. Now, I am not going to say that I will spend hours on eHarmony, because I won't. But I do want to spend more time putting myself in situations where I can meet Mr. I-Like-Dogs-and-Doing-Stuff-and-Laughing-and-Am-Tolerant-Of-Your-Food-Freakishness. So if that means I have to join clubs, and start introducing myself to random people at health food stores then by-golly watch out! I have always told myself that the next big step in my life would be the time where I am ready to meet someone: highschool, college, studying abroad, or Colorado. And although this particularly incident held so much potential, I've really just been hoping and waiting for the Super Me to emerge.

(3) Play. I want to equally balance all the work I am doing being a brilliant student with fun activities. I want to go hiking and take dance classes (preferably together; there is not enough dancing in nature). I want to set up play dates with friends that involve swing sets and slides. I want to go to the beach and awkwardly play Frisbee. I want to learn the rules of Aussie Rules Footie and play in the parks. I want to embarrass myself on street corners, and try new things.

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