Monday, February 18, 2008

Beach Etiquette

It has been beach weather here in Melbourne for the past three days. And on both Saturday and Sunday I went to St. Kilda Beach in the afternoons for a quick swim and some less-than-serious sun soaking. Both times I ended up sitting next to the same group of Irish guys (neither time on purpose I swear). I've never been good at meeting people, I always want to say something like "I couldn't help but over hear you, could you explain cricket to me?" or "Hi, my name is Deidre" or "Take me to Dublin and ravish me..." But I never do. Ever. This past weekend was no exception. Despite the fact that I desperately needed someone to put sunscreen right between my shoulder blades - somehow I figure you just can't ask strange, albeit adorable, Irish men to do it for you, that must cross some line?
On the way to the beach yesterday, while I was waiting for the tram a girl came up started talking to me! She told me all about her life and how she came to Melbourne and that she was going to the Prahran Market because it was a dollar cheaper than Vic's Market. As her tram approached, she got out her phone and started asking me for my contact information. I couldn't decide what to do! Is this how I'm going to make friends in Australia by chatting randoms up on street corners! I decided I'd decline her offer - saying that we lived in the same building I'd see her again. If it had been a good looking guy would I also have said no? Well, Probably.
The point is how much contact with strange people is alright contact? How much can you divulge and when? Are there places where it is OK to get phone numbers and information and places where it isn't?

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