Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hello, Gang.

I don't want anyone to fret, this website will still boast the low-carb wit and full fat neurosis that it's been known for since 2003. I picked Deidre because I love the name, and I am sorry if you think the nom de plume thing is lame; it's just that I'm uncomfortable with the idea of people googling my name and finding this!

Anyway, I am going to move into my new apartment this week; I am very excited about it. I've been living out of packed bags since September it seems, and I'm going to be very relieved to unpack and have some space to call my own. I am trying to cheaply make my bedroom my own. Do you have any ideas?

On Sunday night, Jessie and I went Salsa dancing in the Fitzroy Gardens. The City hosts weekly (free) dance lessons and a free band, although the 3rd was the last day. We met up with a few of Jessie's friends and rocked out hard core with our new learned salsa moves. As we were dancing, I saw a boy. A boy with a funny little hat and gorgeous dance moves. In a moment of unexpected self-confidence, I actually talked to him. Well, talked maybe isn't exactly the right word (puh-lease we just met!), I asked him to dance and he said YES. As he chucked off his thongs, he started to tell me why he had to take off his shoes only to look down at my feet to notice that I had also kicked off my shoes. Has it ever been mentioned that I Love to Dance? The first season of Australia's So You Think You Can Dance started over the weekend, I am giddy with excitement over it. GIDDY.

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