Saturday, February 16, 2008

Journal Entry: 10 Feb

Blustery winds, a sun playing hide and seek.
Cute boys getting drinks with "mates."
Federation Square crowded with brightly colored shirts.
Families strolling on Sunday afternoons.
I've travelled far, only to have come a short distance.
Trams ding and people push and shove themselves in and out of sliding doors.
Groups of men wearing yellow tees with Australia printed across the front in green block letters all wear funny hats, straw and cowboy style. They all look-a-like: rotund bodies, aging faces.
Tourists take photos of each other in front of Transport - possibly the worst bar in the city. They look goofy.
Young people parade around the city in gold and green with Australian flag capes.
Little children struggle down steps while their parents hold the up by the arm.
E.T. plays on the big screen of the square, soundless. Perhaps just hoping that The People have seen the film enough hat (oral) communication will not matter.

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