Friday, February 29, 2008

Less Than Oriented

I've been to a lot of orientations: for high school, for college, for Orientation Leaders in college, for jobs, for study abroad, and now for Graduate School. I find them useless, but compelled to go. What if they are giving out the meaning of life?

The past week I've been attending seminars and lectures on how I am going to acclimate to University life. For the most part ever time they've asked if anyone has any questions I've just wanted to stand on top of my chair and scream "DOES THIS HELP ANYONE? ANYONE? BUELLER?" Thus starting some new student coup against the Orientation Regime at large.

Orientation seems to do two things well:
(1) It confirms and validates your fears and then EXPANDS on them. Yes: it's really hard, you'll struggle. Yes: you've just fallen head first into your own personal nightmare. No: you can not avoid the
Human Knot.

(2) It tells you things that I am sure are common knowledge. A time management idea! "To-do lists are a very helpful tool". You'll not be asked to regurgitate information, but to analyze it. Do not plagiarize. And most important if you feel like you need help, ask.

I am sorry that the fonts get's so wee at the end of this post. I've tried to fix it, but alas it stays funny looking.

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