Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Picky Eaters Anonymous

I like to claim that I am not a picky eater (shh, I can hear the 'say what's' from here). And I think that the reason I firmly stand on this particular platform is that I like most foods that people hate. Brussel sprouts! Yum! Lima Beans - please sir could I have some more? Beets, yes! Asparagus, mmm mmm!

On the other hand, there is a list equally long of things I will not eat, which is where I believe this reputation of 'picky eater' comes from. Mozzarella - no thanks. Eggplant - compost it. Meat - must not touch my food. Fish - can touch my food, but will not be placed in my mouth. eggs - must be disguised - veiled in (cheddar) cheesy quiche or in cake; they'll not be consumed scrambled or poached or fried.

Then there is the food that I wish I could eat but sadly cannot. This is known as "wheat."

Now over the past 5 years I've slowly begun to add foods to my palate. Items like zucchini, olives (of all colors), pears, cooked spinach, and cooked mushrooms.

What won't you eat?


  1. haha, I'm pretty sure that my list would totally outweigh yours. Did I tell you that i tried Indian food the other week, big step I know :)

  2. You and I had Indian food - you got that chicken - which i thought you liked? maybe? Like 5 years ago - with Alli - in Hanover.

    Anyhoo - i am so proud of you, how'd it go down?