Friday, February 15, 2008

Public Computer Labs

I don't have internet at my apartment yet. Infact, I don't have a lot at my apartment yet, including my saniety, which seems to have gone missing approximately the same time I moved. I hate forgetting stuff.
I also don't really appreciate being an idiot, unfortunately, I don't have a choice. On monday, Jessie and I went to Ikea to look for important items like a bedside table and a picture frame and a lamp and while we're at it a clothes organizer...and 134.00 AUD later we're in a cab with my new apartment furniture. On wednesday, i decide to put together this masterpiece that is a bedside table. It occured to me half way through that to stand up on its own, it needed to attached to something else... I don't have something else. Why did i purchase the bedside table that can not stand solo? I don't answer the big questions, i just ask them.
Today I walked from my apartment to Uni, which took me about an hour. I was walking here because i wanted to use my computer and the internet. Alas, no. Foiled was i by the University's tricky internet system involving proxies and menus and all kinds of things i just don't understand. Then, i found a lab, a lab with computers! "Brilliant" says I as i leap over the barrier to sit at a computer. Only moments later, my left contact performs some kind of ninja dive out of my eye and onto my lap. As I am trying to put it back in, a girl comes up behind me, and (rudely) mentions that she has "reserved" this computer. I, blindly, apologize, running to the bathroom to try and see again. Where i see the same guy with a green polo shirt that i've seen now like 37 times and stares in a way that shouldn't be legal.
Computer labs in general make me uncomfortable, i always feel like someone would want to use this computer do, oh i don't know, WORK!? and here I am checking my e-mail and a list of blogs. I always crane my neck and look around the computer labs, hoping I catch someone else doing something equally naughty, like blogging. Usually I don't, but today there was a facebooker - thank goodness.

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