Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't Sweat It, They're Just Hatin' Cuz You're Dope

Last night I had the pleasure of watching Step Up 2: The Streets. Yes, it was amazing. I've been daydreaming and talking to Jess about how we're going to start dance battles in The Streets. The movie was just as fabulous as you'd imagine; just an average girl from the streets who got in trouble because she was part of The Dance Crew, the 41o--bitches, in Baltimore that were so intense that they performed (played?) dance pranks in the Baltimore subway stations (oh no they didn't!). This average girl was just trying to find herself, but kept getting in trouble. Her care taker was going to send her away until this average-kind-of-girl got the chance to dance in some Arts school. Will she have time for the 410 now? Will there be a problem between the rich kids and the kids from The Streets? Will there be issues of conformity and community? Well, not any problems that can't be solved from Steppin' Up.

A couple of months ago, a few days after I arrived in Australia, I went to watch some tennis at The Open. Actually I went twice. The first time I had bought tickets months before so that we could watch Federer play on Rod Laver (ps he just lost to Mardy Fish!! No one saw this coming). The second time was an impromptu stalking session of Federer and Blake (who we never saw - because we aren't actually very good at stalking). We ended up at Margaret Court Arena watching the Williams' sisters play doubles. Serena had just lost her match moments before, and Venus hadn't been playing that well. I was ready for The Sisters to take their A-game out and kick some ass; sadly they just continued to play only so-so.

I remember when I changed schools in 5th grade, my teacher always told me I talked to quietly that she could never hear me when I spoke in class. Through highschool and college, everyone wanted me to speak in class, they told me I had good questions and insights, that I should participate, if not for me then for the benefit of the class. But I never spoke up. I mean, who can be bothered?

So, I am at the tennis with Jess. It has been a long day, we've been in the sun for far too long. It's Venus' serve. When Whitney and I went to Fedcup - Venus had thanked some guy in the stands who said positive things to her throughout her matches keeping her focused. I thought - hell I could be that guy - so I shout to Venus, when everyone else is quiet, "Go Venus." First of all, not that inspirational. Second, it came out barely a whisper. Jess and I cracked up. And these two guys behind us, couldn't stop laughing and muttering under their breath but close to my ear "go Venus." It was both humiliating and hilarious.

Being here in Australia has been much like that moment: Humiliating and Hilarious. But I am finding my voice through trial and error, just seeing how big I can scream. Don't get me wrong, I still don't talk in class without prompts. And I still can't speak that loudly. But I have stopped trying to conform to someone else's version of me - I am just Steppin' Up my game is all. Soon even The Streets will know it.

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