Sunday, March 09, 2008

Feelin' Naughty

I've been...busy. On Thursday, I met up with Jessie at Melbourne Central and headed up to Uni for swing class. Yes, I am finally, actually, taking a swing class. It's Charleston Swing, which isn't quite what I had in mind, but a lot of fun. A great oppurtunity for "that's what she said" jokes. Last summer, Bobo would make "that's what she said" jokes, and I, regretfully, would just ignore her because honestly I am more mature than that, right? Wrong.

On Friday, I was in lecture for 8 hours, much like I was on Saturday and today too! To say I am burnt out would be an understatement. And, that diatribe about being a responsible non-stressed student from the last post - you can chuck that idea out. I am stressed. And it turns out, I am also irresponsible. So Friday night after hours of sitting through lectures, meeting new people, taking pages of notes, and eating peanut butter on thin rice/corn cakes, I met Jessie to go to the movies.

We bought tickets for Run Fat Boy Run purchased some popcorn (I snuck in a bag of M&Ms and a giant bottle of (ginger) beer). We giggled our way through the movie. Those Brits are funny! Who knew a fat man trying to win a marathon to win his ex-fiance (with perfect curls) back from Hank Azaria could be so chuckle inducing? After it was over, I asked Jessie how hard it would be to sneak into another theater. We had a good laugh about it and went to the toilet.

As we left the bathroom, Jessie and I hooked arms and walked straight into another theater. Sadly, we didn't know what we were going to see. I couldn't sit through No Country for Old Men again, I was scared the first time - I still get heebie jeebies whenever I think about that guy and the coin toss? Or the way he treated his own wounds! It turned out to be We Own the Night, although I only know that because I just looked it up on imdb as somehow we missed the title card. Jess and I made it through the movie by holding each others hand during the scary/violent parts, by the end we were curled around each other whispering sweet nothings to ourselves hoping that Mr. Phoenix wasn't going to be harmed too badly, but would take off his shirt. Despite the fact that Joaquin insisted on staying clothed for the entirety of the film and that Eva Mendes was impersonating J.Lo, I'd say it was totally worth the price of ticket.

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