Monday, March 03, 2008

First Day at Uni

Over the weekend I went to a cricket match. I spent the entire afternoon and evening asking questions trying to understand the game. And after every question I'd say how baseball differs. As if comparing the sports would suddenly make cricket logically to me. I do think I kind of get it.

As we left the cricket grounds and headed toward the tram stop three drunk guys called out from a bench "Hey girls" - Jessie and I nodded our hellos and kept walking. The guys started muttering "they're ugly anyway" as we walked by. Jessie and I then took off all our clothes and made sweet sweet love to them (in public) because who could resist such sweet talk?

Sunday, Jessie took me to her grandmama's house. Where there is a pool! We listened to the Beatles and basked in the sun. Next door a giant black Saint Bernard panted. Last night Mary Murphey came to Australia to be a guest judge on So You Think You Can Dance, Australia. She put the smack down, loudly. And she said what I've been hoping one of the judges would say the entire time, which is "the choreography sucks - take it up a notch peeps." After she said it once, it was like the Australian judges were freed from feeling bad about saying it and couldn't shup up about it, like when a child learns a new word and repeats over and over again.

Today's my first day of school. Wish me luck. Wish that i'll be invited to sit at the cool table and like the totally CUTE postgraduate will sit next to me in class. *blushes*

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