Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jive Talking - The Bee Gees

I was doing some reading on this lovely Thursday morning before my class. I had my Itunes on shuffle, I was just groovin' to the music and reading along when I found myself inserting Jive Talking for the main word in the article that I reading Global inequality: bringing politics back in by Jan Nederveen Pieterse.

"Perhaps Jive Talking does come in, but in a quite different fasion from the old state-centric notions of Jive Talking..'Poverty is a choice the world has made. It is a political choice. The information Jive Talking will be another instrument to implement that choice. Only a governance Jive Talking would represent a real change'"

So, I just found my camera cord! Yay - pictures! First is Jess and I at the St. Kilda Festival. See those shades - HOT; cricket!; new shoes! pretty (the surrounding is not my apartment just FYI)!; Rows upon rows of GLUTEN-FREE breads; I had to mop up the drool.

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