Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Little Indignities

It's been one of those weeks (and it's only Wednesday) where nothing bad has actually happened but everything is horrible. Actually, the week has been quite a relief everything that wasn't going well is resolved. But that's no excuse! Why couldn't things just go well in the first place? I am not asking for perfection just for the idiocy to stop!

Today, I could do without the smelly armpit man on the tram; or the girl who hums along to her Ipod in the computer lab; I could do without the computer lab printer deciding to go on the fritz; and not having any paper to print in the OEP lab. I could do without the annoyance of dragging my ass all the way up to uni only to find that the lovely Immigration Office is having techincal difficulties and they'll be back in 3 weeks. I could do without the bad yoga class (that I payed $20 for and lasted a whopping 45 minutes).

As I removed myself from the tram where my proximity to smelly armpit man was uncomfortably close, I saw a boy walking on the street. He was your average boy. Listening to his Ipod, with faded jeans, and an unremarkable t-shirt. What was remarkable about this boy, this boy in Australia was his faded blue baseball cap with the large and bright red B on the front and a pair of red sock with white toes on the back. I wanted to kiss him with tongue.

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