Saturday, March 29, 2008

Physics Major Asshat.

It smells like ramen noodles. It'd be nice if that pertained to something.

I can't decide if I should take a dance class or buy a yoga pass at an overly expensive gym. I can do yoga on my own for free! But will I? The dance class is dancehall which is like reggae/hip hop/shake your bon bon dance. The problem is it's at 8:30 at night and the same day as my swing class.

Speaking of my swing class, the way swing class works is all the boys stand around in a circle and the girls move from boy to boy every few minutes. We're dancing and this guy asks me some question and I'm all "um, ya." He turns and looks at me and goes "Are you Scandinavian?"


"where are you from"

"Northeastern United States"

"change partners!"

After class he runs up to me and asks me what state I am from etc etc. Then he went on this condescending spiel "Oh, i studied abroad in the US, in a place called Pasadena CA. Maybe you've heard of it?"

"Where did you study?"

"At a college there called, Cal Tech, Maybe you've heard of it?"

Getting annoyed at his tone, "Yeah, it's a really good school"

"So what are you studying? Arts? You look like an Arts student..." I look at him obviously put off, "The bag you're carrying, makes you look like an arts student..."

Obviously annoyed, "that's so condescending! I studied physics as an undergraduate and now am getting my masters in Environmental Science."

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