Monday, March 10, 2008

The Space Cadet Club

There are signs throughout the Architecture library to join The Space Cadets. I, personally, feel like I am a perfect candidate for this prestigious group of day dreamers. Today especially.

Today I almost got hit by a car and then 20 minutes later a bike - both times it was my fault. The first time I totally forgot that traffic comes from the right. Whoops. The second time I was just preoccupied that I may have Laryngitis - it's too soon to tell.

During a tutorial today, instead of concentrating on the political theory of Rawls and his Original Agreement I was fascinated by the TA leading the discussion. He was wearing a normal polo shirt - slightly more metrosexual then one can be entirely comfortable with, but he was working it. At closer examination, however, it became clear that where there should have been a breast pocket there was nothing at all. And instead the breast pocket was located on the back of of his shirt in the vicinity of the booty. A butt pocket?

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