Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things I'd Rather be Doing Right Now

(1) Dying Bobo's Hair
(2) Eating Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Pancakes
(3) Explaining to my German gal pal that James is only syllable
(4) Not typing 'also' so many times that I figure out if it is spelled wrong or not
(5) Not repeating the lyrics 'Hey Mama, this that shit that make you groove, mama' over and over.
(6) Stuck in a elevator with 5 boys who do not realize they haven't pushed a button because they're too busy checking out their perfectly mussed hair to notice we aren't moving.
(7) Saying ridiculous things to people like the poor guy who sold me popcorn at the movies who told me to enjoy the film and I replied "you too, oh wait you aren't going to see it...I am so sorry"
(8) Reading Anne of Green Gables for the first time
(9) Cuddling with Weebbet

Instead: Homework. Let the learning continue!


  1. hey, we have been over this!!! ja-mes, or jam-es you can choose either one!!don't even get me started!

  2. Haha! Ever since that giggle-infested night i've had the hots for the name ja-mes.