Monday, March 31, 2008

Things To Do Before You Die Part 1

Maggie of Mighty Girl fame had this clever idea for her blog of things that she's done in her life that she would like to remember right before she dies. So I compiled some of the things in my life that I think everyone should experience:

(1) horse back ride in the snow
(2) stand in line all day for Red Sox tickets (bonus if game happens to be amazing)
(3) bake cookies with a three yr old
(4) take a b-girl (or b-boy) dance class
(5) dance in the rain [puddle jumping is mandatory]
(6) live in another country
(7) eat marzipan pigs in Germany on the New Year
(8) play charades in/during a power outage
(9) walk through the gates into the courtyard of the Taj Mahal
(10) skinny dip at night in the ocean
(11) roast marshmellows on a stove
(12) go to the Cadbury Factory in Tasmania (bonus if Mrs. Trunchbull is your tour guide)
(13) eat burnt gluten-free pancakes that also happen to be undercooked with vanilla ice cream
(14) maple syrup cook
(15) snuggle in the hair right behind a horse's ear in winter
(16) pick vegetables and then make dinner with them
(17) ask a stranger to dance
(18) finger paint with neicephews
(19) go to the International Spy Museum with your best friend
(20) play MASH late at night
(21) devoting a whole day to cook dinner with and for family and friends
(22) ride bare back (although I understand that is what she said - I am speaking strictly about horseback riding)
(23) teach an old dog new tricks
(24) use a dog as a pillow
(25) discovering nooks and lagoons canoing

What is one (or two? or three?) of yours?

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  1. "(9) walk through the gates into the courtyard of the Taj Mahal" - yeah, amazing. :)