Friday, April 25, 2008


In 2006, when I was here before I went out with some Moho's on ANZAC day. Although I didn't write about it that post - I am pretty sure that was also the night that some random woman walked up to me on the street, demanded that I be cold and started rubbing her hands up and down my arms.

In 2008, not much has changed. I wore the same dress. After getting back from my dance class, at 9:20 last night. I walked into my apartment starving and tired - and frankly already a little bit sore from attempting to dance all sexy like.

My roommate was sitting on the couch with her cousin looked at me and said - come on were going out. I asked about 75 times if out referred to dancing; after each "and you're going to dance right?" the answer was affirmative.

So, I put on my dress, put SOCKS back on, and off we went. We went to a Lebanese club that played all this trance and techno. I ask you, if you can't sing along what's the point? After dancing for a bit we sat down to regain our strength.

We were sitting around talking when these two girls starting dancing in front of us, Mount Holyoke Style. One of the girls even flashed us which seemed a little out of order.

After a bit more dancing these girls, who were clearly intoxicated, fell over and hit me. I turned around to make sure I hadn't knocked over a lamp (clearly something that would happen to me); and the girls apologized. I turned back to my friends, and one of the girls ran her hands across my bare back and down to my fairly flat behind. Ahh, MHC how I've missed your presence in my life.

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