Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google - The Devil?

The other night I spent a good solid hour googling old boyfriends. And I am admitting this for several reasons:

(1) I clearly have issues.
(2) I am incapable of being friends with exes, and yet want or need the reaffirmation that once so long ago they wanted or needed me.
(3) I haven't had a date or the prospect of a date for 2 years.
(4) I've watched way too much Sex in the City and am itching to write something puntastic followed by "I have to wonder when does being alone stop being a phase and become a life path?"

While thinking about this clearly ultra stimulating question (I'm thinking the answer is roughly 5 years) I thought perhaps I should all this brain power to do something helpful like writing essays - because I mean seriously, enough is enough! And that's when THIS happened: