Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Moment to Regroup Entirely

Dear Deidre,

It's me. I've been thinking, you have been far too rational lately. You've made positive decisions when it comes to how you want your life to go. You've stood up for yourself, and you've let others take control in group projects, I know that's nearly killed you. But, what's the fun in being rational?

I think its time you cry over dirty dishes; Gag at chicken residue left in the sink; Laugh uncontrollably at this; Write angry e-mails to professors about their teaching staff; Capitalize random letters in Random parts of the Sentence; Decide that after eating one Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Pancake a second would be a wise decision - even though you already have a sugar high and stomach ache from too much caramel sauce.

No, you're right. I see your point, but your so much more fun when you've got a case of The Crazy.



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