Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planning Life

I am in the process of planning my trip to the states for my winter break. We had planned on going to Hawaii on the way back because it's sort of on the way home (did I just call Australia home?), but it turns out the flights to Hawaii at the moment are outrageously expensive. My travel agent then suggested Thailand. THAILAND. Now I am at the library dreaming of curry and Thai iced tea and basking in the Thai sun (so different from other country's sun) for a few days. Also some flourless chocolate cake would be lovely - which is weird because I am not big fan of chocolate cake.

I am at the library because I have so much reading to do and am not allowed to be in my apartment for reasons that aren't exactly clear to me - but reasons that have been expressed by my roommate. I am reading about social injustice which is hard to bear anyway because if I was brave enough I'd do something about it!

I was taking a break from the reading when I saw this. If I had been there would I have said something? Probably not. This isn't the person I thought I'd be, I thought I'd be in jail for promoting civil liberties and justice! Instead, I am planning trips to see the world instead of saving it.

Disappointment is overwhelming.

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