Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Vagina Monologue

I grew up in a naked family. The type of family where nudity was totally accepted and violence was totally not. Sex scene in movies - show it to the child; violence - cover the eyes. I was taught the proper names of both sexes genitalia and was taught that nudity wasn't something to be embarrassed about or avoided, which is why while I am typing this I am not wearing pants.

This isn't to say I make it a habit of saying Penis in public (or private) places or having conversations about The Vagina is normal. I am just saying: naked family.

So, when one day last year in the MIDDLE of yoga class where I was happily doing floor stretches and totally in the yoga-zone on my mat and some woman turned to me and described the pose we were doing as turning her "hoo haa towards the floor" you can imagine my surprise.

Likewise, the other night I was walking to the train station after a night of sweet potato latkes with Jess. And although it was a train station I'd been to before, it was night time and I felt a little anxious about trying to get back to my apartment. As I hurriedly walked up the ramp to the platforms, a group of guys came walking towards me.

Now, I am all for random eye contact when walking down the street, except at night time when I don't really know where I am and I am in A Hurry. One of the guys looks at me, we make brief eye contact. Brief enough so I don't remember what he looks like, but long enough for me to know he's had a bit too much to drink for a Wednesday night.

He looks at me again points to his friend and says to me "Can you believe I have a bigger vagina then he does?"

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