Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Bag Nazi

For the past two days, I've been going to the state library to study. And I've been able to work surprisingly well here. Surprising because I do not work sitting at desks. That is not how I roll, usually. Usually, I am wrapped in blankets on my bed perched amongst pillows, cradling my computer on my lap - I mean its called a laptop for a reason, no?- books lying everywhere, and that is where I piece together coherent thoughts. Okay, so that is where I attempt to string together ideas.

The state library is a magnificent building in the middle of the city. It is a library where one is actually not allowed to take books out. Is it really a library then?

The library also has strict rules about what is allowed into the building. Things like liquids and food are no-no's. The size of one's bag is also under strict surveillance by two security guards at the entrance.

I don't like to use this term lightly, but they are bag nazis. A couple of weeks ago, Jess and I walked into the library. My bag was smaller than Jess's and had significantly less stuff in it. However, my bag was deemed unacceptable and Jess's bag was fine. Furthermore, they suggest that if you are carrying a cloth tote, to just remove the stuff in the bag, fold the bag up, carry the stuff and then precede through the doors. It takes everything in my power to not demand they come up with system. I DEMAND IT.

Awhile ago, Practically-Perfect did a "5 things" meme; mine is going to (hopefully) reside semi-permanently on right. She requested that I list something weird about me and food - as if i could choose just one!

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