Sunday, May 04, 2008

Don't Be Scared

I would like it to be said, that I have no problem with you eating meat. I do have a problem with going to the supermarket and having someone chase after me with rack of something-or-0ther.

My parents are contemplating getting chickens. This idea is toyed with at least once every two years at my house. The problem is this: we don't actually eat chicken, so what do you do with the hens that are too old to lay eggs? My dad and I discussed this the other day, we do feed our dog chicken (we make our own dog food and keep meat in the house just for him - I can hear a chorus of "spoiled" from here) but I cannot imagine my dad hurling a knife to chop off some chicken's poor neck. No, No, No!

As we discussed it we brainstormed ideas like drive the elderly chickens to a neighboring farm and having them kill them for us and then we'd be able to feed it to our puppy. My dad was fond of the idea of just letting the chickens frolic around our yard into they passed away on their own - years from now some one will come upon our land to find loving tombstones with eulogies to our feathered egg giving friends! Oy. Then he mentioned that there is actually a guy with a truck who drives around and kills livestock for the faint hearted; my dad followed that with "he has a whole little processing plant in the back of his pick up!"

Is that not terribly disturbing to you? A processing plant! Isn't that a little Halloween 45?

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