Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Sneeze Heard Around the World

When I sneeze, people laugh.

And that's cool.

I wish I could properly inform you of the sound of this sneeze. But to me it just sounds loud. Apparently, others find it endearing.

I am pretty sure in high school I won an award once based solely on my sneeze. My adviser spent minutes telling everyone what I lovely person I was; then spent an equal amount of time gushing about how cute my sneeze was. It's a sneeze, people!

Well, Monday, I was in class with this boy whose name isn't Daniel or Eric. He and I sit next to each other every week. And its possible I have a little crush on him despite his unfortunate facial hair. Well, this week while the professor was talking, I sneezed. Which is mortifying enough, I always try to sneeze into my elbow (its best for germs you know!), but one can't always help projectile sneeze spit. Plus, due to the loud squeeky nature of said sneeze - it tends to attract attention - everyone in the class looked at me.

I giggled nervously and muttered "excuse me" under my breath. Boy whose name isn't Daniel or Eric turned looked at me and said "cute." I felt the blood creeping up my neck and setting fire to my cheeks - the dreaded blush. Luckily he turned back to the lecturer, while I furiously took notes trying to hide my crimson face.

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