Monday, May 12, 2008

Oh Shirley Temple

So I've been meaning to post this since Friday when the shocking resemblance occurred, however I ran into technical difficulties. Namely, this month my roommate and I have used too much internet. I blame myself - as I have been obsessively watching whole movies and tv shows on you tube. Bobo is certainly partly to blame, she's the one who told me that Anne of Green Gables (1 & 2) were, in their entirety, on you tube. Do know how many hours of you tube watching that is? at least 6! goodness.

Anyway, so now I am the library. to work on an essay and to update you on the fact that I have curly hair. No really! And this curly hair can give me a shocking resemblance to the famous Shirley Temple. Check it!

Okay, so this photo is a little washed out my eyes are possibly big enough to actually have teeth. But my hair looks to pretty!

Uncanny right?